We are a training and management consultancy established to help our clients to achieve improved results. We offer assistance in sales, marketing and management through training and advice.

Rob Richards

Paul Wilshire



We provide bespoke training to suit the specific needs of our clients’ organisations. We believe that this better suits their needs. Developing skills and knowledge is essential if the true potential of the people in an organisation is to be realised.

People are a major source of investment, but in many organisations the true value of the staff is not realised through lack of spending on training and people development. Engaging with the people provides an opportunity to bring about real improvements in the performance and profitability of the organisation, whether it provides products or services. The people concerned are more motivated and become better ambassadors.


We believe in delivering well structured management advice and training with honesty, designed to be effective by exceeding expectations, and through this focused service, to build long term relationships with our clients.

Exceeding expectations is the measure of success through:

• Quality of work
• Recommendations to others
• Testimonials – what our clients say
• Repeat opportunities

Honesty is paramount:

• We tell it how it is, not what we think our clients want to hear!
• If we say we will do it, we will

Focused Service is fundamental:

• We design our programmes to suit our client’s business needs and develop their people to realise their potential
• We work with clients to develop solutions appropriate to their business
• We develop long term relationships with clients


We aim to give a unique service by tailoring our support to our clients’ business needs and help them to realise the potential of their people. We do not sell off the shelf training based on a safe formula that does not recognise the specific business needs. We ensure that what we offer is really geared to our clients and their staff needs. We aim to enjoy what we do, with companies and people that we like working with.

Above all, we aim to work with the people in the organisation to deliver focused development:
maximising sales through people